What we do | EMDA
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What we do


Economic and Market Development Advisors (EMDA) is a specialized Australian based consulting firm, established in 2001.

At EMDA we pride ourselves on listening to our clients. We deliver to you specific concerns in a warm atmosphere that comes with complete confidentiality and trust.

Our services include:-

  • Advising on business performance and identifying future avenues for growth
  • Media and Conference Presentations, Australia wide
  • Econometric and Market Demand Forecasting
  • Tourism Development Assessments
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Advertising Productivity Assessments
  • Brand Health Research and Monitoring
  • Econometric and Consumer Market Reviews
  • Demographic and Psychographic Market Segmentations
  • Quarterly Market Tracking Studies
  • Econometric Impact Assessments
  • Labour Market Trends and Forecasting
  • Analysis of Word of Mouth and Awareness
  • Regional Development Studies
  • Econometric Modeling
  • Media Commentary
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Consumer Demand and Forecasting
  • The EMDA proprietary Consumer Calibrated Research System, which combines the power of real consumer knowledge through Qualitative Research with the rigour of Economentric modeling and Quantitative Data. This system accurately predicts future demand for new products and services.


Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson

Robyn Emerson

Robyn Emerson

Director Qualitative and Educational Research

An experienced economist specialising in the labour market. Michael developed the well-respected Fairfax Media MyCareer Employment Forecast. This involved applying EMDA’s proprietary econometric forecasting methods to develop robust labour market forecasts at the state, industry and occupation level. This report was published for over 10 years. Michael also worked with Adecco to produce the Adecco Employment and Talent Report. This report also provided robust forecasts of the Australian and New Zealand Labour market including at the industry and occupation level. This report also quantified expected turnover rates.


Michael established EMDA in 2001 with a focus on applying econometric techniques combined with consumer information to advise clients on the growth opportunities in their respective markets. Michael has also worked on projects for Tabcorp Ltd, Lend Lease, Macquarie Bank, Serco, Tourism Queensland and the Laminex Group to name a few.


Robyn is a qualified teacher of senior English and Media Studies.  Her teaching experience includes working as Aboriginal Liaison Officer at Darwin High School and then subsequently as a Disadvantaged Schools Consultant dealing with the funding for schools with large Koorie populations in the Melbourne metropolitan area, especially around West Heidelberg and Warburton.  She also has experience in Year 12 exam moderation for English Expression.


Since EMDA’s initial conception in 2001 Robyn has been conducting the Qualitative Research and Consumer Calibrations for many of our clients including Camberwell Grammar School, Mentone Grammar School, The Geelong College, Fairfax Media and The Laminex Group.  Her exceptional skills in interpreting the meaning behind what people say, combined with real empathy and creative curiosity in dealing with a huge range of different respondents make her a highly skilled and experienced moderator for any research project.  Qualitative research is a highly detailed methodology and Robyn does all transcriptions of all her groups herself, to form an intricate, specific, substantiated and comprehensive report for the client.


Robyn is also an experienced artist and writer, painting in many mediums, including the encaustic medium, working on large abstract expressionist canvases.  Her creative work and examples of her writing can be seen on her website:  www.robynemerson.com.au.


We advise on all aspects of market development and provide specialist economic forecasting and econometric modelling services.